Process of Hot Dip Zinc coating at Corros Metals

At Corros Metals Hot Dip Galvanizing , the Zinc Galvanizing process starts by carefully cleaning the surface of the steel by hoisting it from the Black area by a 2MT EOT crane and immersing it in a degreasing tank filled with a acid based degreaser after which it is cleansed twice in pickling tanks filled with 15% con. HCl and is then quenched in a Water tank for acid removal. After cleaning, in the Preflux tank the job is dipped in a flux tank containing an aqueous solution of zinc ammonium chloride or they are fluxed by passing through a layer of molten zinc ammonium chloride floating on the top of the molten zinc. After prefluxing, the hot plate material is dried completely and heated to 70 degree Celsius before it is zinc coated.

The fully cleansed steel is then lifted by a 3MT EOT crane and is immersed in to a 26 MT capacity Hot Dip Zinc Coating bath of molten Zinc at 450 degree Celsius. The job is then cooled by quenching it in a Water Quenching tank and is then treated in a post dichromate tank to prevent white rusting. Finally the finishing works and visual inspection is done on the Zinc coated steel and sent for dispatch.

The plant Equipment was handpicked by our consultants who have ensured that all machineries are supplied by the best in the respective industry. The plant is so designed and well equipped that customers have to send their jobs and all the processes like, unloading, counting, stacking, galvanizing, bundling, weighing, Inspection & testing, billing and dispatch is taken care by the plant management.

Zinc Galvanizing Plant Management

Zinc Galvanizing plants demand for lot of participation by the promoters as it has to stabilize the plant processes and parameters and involve the plant management to achieve the targets aimed. The major controlling parameters in galvanizing process are

  • Pretreatment Bath Controls
  • Zinc Ingots quality
  • Steel Fabrication and quality
  • Zinc Consumption
  • Ash & Dross formation
  • Bath Temperature

In the early stage of the plant operation personal monitoring of all control parameter was taken care then eventually it was handed over to a professional team. This has created a culture in the organization for a scientific approach to problem solving in any of the plant maintenance. Today the plant has achieved a plant load utilization of 100% and efficiency nevertheless is improving every passing day.

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