Get huge range of galvanized steel structure products variety of industries

We introduce a durable range of Hot Dip Galvanized products that can withstand corrosion when exposed to adverse weather conditions. All our Steel Galvanizing products are supplied by our customers spanning from variety of industries. Some of our durable and resilient ranges of products are Steel Structures, Towers, Cable Trays, Hand Rails, Perforated Cable Trays, Ladder Type Cable Trays, Ladder Cable Trays, etc.

Hot dip Galvanizing for structures

  • Tower parts & assemblies.
  • Building structures like purlins, I beams, Gantry, girders etc..
  • Rebar
  • Structures for chemical plants, process plants, Oil & gas industry
  • HT / LT line material
  • Foundation Plates
  • Crash Barriers
  • Silos Storages.
  • Steel Gratings

Hot dip Galvanizing for Sheets & Pipes

  • Ladder type Cable Trays
  • Perforated type Cable Trays
  • Channels for ducting
  • Green house assembly parts.
  • Pipes for fire lines
  • Pipes for chemical industry
  • Flanges, bends, T joints

Hot dip Galvanizing for Flats, Rods -

  • Earthing flat of various sizes of 3mm, 5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm
  • Flat products for building roof tensioners.
  • Foundation Bolts, I bolts.

Benefits for all products are-

  • Hot dip Galvanizing by Special High Grade (SHG) Zinc of 99.995% purity of Zinc manufactured by Hindustan Zinc, SMC, Binani only. No secondary zinc is used which ensure top notch quality product.
  • SHG Zinc ensures proper finish, long lasting coating, complies with national as well as international standards.
  • Proper finishing is ensured to avoid spikes, scales, limps, pimps et..
  • Sodium Dichomate Passivation process for anti white rusting phenomena.
  • Consistent 100% capacity utilization ensuring quick and faster delivery of material to customers.
  • 24 hours Production except Thursdays.
  • Minimum down time of plant since periodic maintenance is carried out on Thursdays.

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