Hot Dip Galvanizing- Objectives & Vision

Corros Metals shall strive to service the infrastructure industry and all such industries who use steel as their core material of construction by promoting Hot dip galvanizing as their primary method of steel protection. We envision growing our organization organically by advising people at large to use Hot dip Galvanizing for steel over all other corrosion protection methods. We shall promote, educate and assist consultants, promoters, designers, engineers, architects and all stake holders in the steel industry to increase their use of hot dip galvanizing and save recurring maintenance costs and valuable steel resources.

India being steadfastly growing economy has to contemplate with growing environment degradation issues and should be choosy while putting all such resources like steel as per the best industry practices followed worldwide. It is this prudence which shall help us in nation building and growing unabated.


  • Corros Metals envision being industry segment leader in Hot Dip Galvanizing in Western Maharashtra region and would work hard to put Customer satisfaction first.
  • Service is our motto and we shall abide by it and encourage all our team members to stick to the policy.
  • Corros Metals looks forward to establish new plants of the same segment instead of large baths at new locations and markets to meet growing demands of customers across India.
  • We wish to be recognized as the best industry player in Medium Size General Hot dip galvanizing category across the nation.
  • Our aim to achieve 100% plant utilization with utmost efficiency and implementing best industry practices in our plants shall be penultimate goal.

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