Black Material ready for Hot Dip Galvanizing

Hot dip Galvanizing for Flats, Rods

Power Transmission, Solar Structures, General Construction,
Shipping Industry, Refrigeration, Railway & Rural Electrification etc.

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Solar Support Structures

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Mobile Towers

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Tower parts & assemblies.

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Our Specialized Galvanizing Products

  • Galvanizing for structure
  • Galvanizing for sheets and Plates
  • Galvanizing for flats and rods

History of Hot Dip Galvanizing

Hot Dip Galvanizing process of steel was invented in the 18th Century by French chemist Paul Malouin and was later in 1836 researched by Stanislas Sorel who obtained patent for the Galvanizing Process. The purpose of Hot Dip zinc coating is to protect the base steel from atmospheric corrosion and thereby increasing the life of the steel and save considerable amount of money incurred due to regular maintenance and or capital investment.

Get Premiere Galvanized Steel from Corros Metals Hot Dip Galvanizing Plant

Corros Metals is engaged in the business of hot dip galvanizing of steel which find application in power, infrastructure, Industries, Oil and gas, Transportation, Real estate and many more. Corros Metals was established in 2007 from scratch and has now grown as one of the premiere Hot Dip Galvanizing in Pune region who service more than 300 satisfied customers in Pune and western Maharashtra industrial belt in the field of Zinc and Steel Galvanizing.

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Why use Galvanized Steel?

Huge infrastructure projects like roads, airports, Industries build, owned, operated by Government, Corporate houses are designed to service the people for at least 25-30 years but it is rampant that the projects incur huge maintenance cost and sometimes have to recapitalize investment in less than 10 years due to the corrosion of the metals used in building them. The principals, designers, architects hitherto used to intimidate of high capital cost of Steel Galvanizing used in such large projects. However, after arriving to the lifecycle cost of a project it is found that by using hot dip galvanizing technique for galvanizing steel the cost is much cheaper than any other protective coating process like painting, electroplating, powder coating. The world annually loses 4% of total steel produced due to corrosion which is half of the annual growth in production. We as an informed buyer should always insist on hot dip galvanized steel instead of any type of painting or powder coating.

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Why Choose Corros Metals for Hot Dip Galvanizing ?

  • Optimum Galvanizing bath size of length Zinc Kettle size of 4.1 length x 1.2mtr Depth x 0.8 mtr width for jobs upto 6 mtr in length.
  • Complete Plant Visits to customers during presales.
  • Qualified and dedicated plant management to service customers and their representatives
  • Production scheduling as per customer request.
  • Arrangement of Inspection and testing for third party by qualified and experienced staff.
  • QAP of customers acceptable.
  • IS standard QAP followed rigorously
  • In house 40 MT weigh Bridge
  • Production capacity of 750MT per month.
  • DG backup for complete plant 24×7 running and up.
  • Zinc Galvanizing with Special High Grade Zinc
  • Outside Octroi Limits of Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad.
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